Review: The way you Smile Written by:Kiki Archer Narrated by: Claire Storey

A wonderfully fun and naughty story about a single mother getting back to a life of her own and starting a sexy love affair with her new boss. A deliciously fun and sultry read.

Camila is delightfully sweet, I loved being inside her head which was full of wild tangents and conflicting feelings. She is super relatable and has a very authentic feel about her, I especially loved her outlook on life. You get to spend so much time in her head and really get to know her personality as you follow her different trains of thought.

I loved the open communication between Camila and Harriet as they explore their budding relationship. I loved all the wonderful cheeky and flirty banter that is a hallmark in all of Archer’s books.

The premise was fantastic, all the little coincidences and events driving the characters together against all odds, makes you want to believe in fate and magic.

The spark between Camila and Harriet is bright and enticing. The have a great connection both with words and bodies and fill the story with humor, temptation, desire, ecstasy, and love. They are great at reading each other and see each other like no one else does.

There are a lot of side stories whirling around adding to the drama and complications of the story which makes for and exciting time.

Kiki Archer never fails to create a satisfying, sexy, and heart warming story of love and humor, and The Way You Smile is no exception.

Narration: Claire Storey has a clear and silky voice and I loved her Smith speaking. Her accent is great and she does a great job with most of the different voices, Harriet and Camila did sound a bit similar and I did get confused about who was talking a couple times.

Book: 9.5/10 Narration: 8.5/10 – 3ss

Review: Say You’ll Love Me Again Written by: Kiki Archer Narrated by: Ella Lynch

This is one wild roller coaster of a story. A love story full of so many twist and turns, yet also endearingly sweet and intensely passionate.

Sophie and Jazz are in a lot of ways polar opposites and their connection is even compared to magnets. The pull so strongly towards each other or push so strongly apart. The passion between them was outstanding, they get hot and heavy right away and has this incredibly sexy and all encompassing romance.

The book goes back and forth from past and present and changes perspectives a lot, giving a chaotic feel that fits really well with the hot and cold, up and down of Sophie and Jazz’s relationship. Its fun and messy.

Honestly Jazz is a saint, she sees the real Sophie and is able to enjoy or at least tolerate Sophie’s quirks and other issues. Sophie is a complicated and conflicted character and I loved watching her development throughout the story.

I was greatly surprised by all the plot twists. The story kept going way past when I expected it to end and kept me on my toes with wonderful reveals and tricks. This book was the most different from all of Archer’s books that I have read in writing style, plot setup, and romance. I loved the way it all came together.

This book is unbelievably steamy, Sophie and Jazz have this irresistible sexual attraction and fiery passion that directly correlates to their dialogue and sexual encounters. Incredibly hot and potentially volatile. It made for one wild ride.

Archer is always great at injecting humor into her stories but I believe this is her funniest book yet. Jazz’s comedy is hilarious and crude (adorably so) and many of the situations were also hilarious. This book is sure to make you laugh.

I loved this story so much. It wasn’t fluffy but it was cute and exciting and so much fun. Full of drama, humor, passion, plot twists, and sexy scenarios, this book is sure to please.

Narration: Ella Lynch is one of my favorite narrators. She has a fantastic accent and a sweet bubbly voice. She is great at showing the personality of the characters. Using the gong to notify the reader of shifting between past and present was a nice touch and a great help in keeping the story straight.

Book: 10/10 Narration: 10/10 – 4ss

Review: Royal Ugly Duckling By: Clara Reese

The movies and books , they have it all wrong. Kissing isn’t something you do, it’s something you share— like a secret. Her mouth moves against mine in a way that leaves me clutching tightly to her shirt, her shoulder, anything I can grab onto. I’m flying away inside of myself, and I’m sure that if we open our eyes and look down, we’ll be miles above everyone else.

A royal romance drama full of interesting characters, sweet romance, and devastating heartbreak.

The first half is sickeningly cute as Odette and Ashley become friends and the young love begins to blossom between them. Their interactions are adorable and full of cute flirty dialogue. The first half is also really well developed. You get a really good view of the characters and the relationships. The sweet first love and subsequent heartbreak tug all the right emotions, and does it really well.

The second half is where I encountered issues. There are a lot of really good parts. I like the overall premise of the second half but Ashley and Odette don’t act in ways that make sense to me most of the time. The blurb says Odette becomes an ice queen but I never felt that translated to the page. She tried to bottle up her feelings and pushed away all the people closest to her but she never seemed in control of anything and aside from one or two instances seemed the same kind person. I disliked Ashley most of the time because after everything she does she doesn’t seem properly contrite with what I expected from her character, She is presented as sweet and caring but seems to mostly ignore her role in Odette’s transformation. A Few dialogue changes would really smooth out the issues with her character. After Ashley froze Odette’s heart I expected more of an effort from her to thaw it.

All that said I really did enjoy the story, it ended really well and I felt fulfilled when it finished. It was really well written if in need of a bit of editing. While there were some things I would have changed I overall I really loved this story. I loved the cheeky dialogue, the drama, the premise, and all the sweet moments that rounded out this romance.

7/10 – 3ss

Review: One Golden Summer By: Clare Lydon; TB Markinson

She’d made such an idiot of herself yesterday. Why hadn’t Ginger told her who her sister was? Of course Kirsty had a thing for her: she didn’t know one lesbian who didn’t. However, they all might think twice if they met her. Saffron had proved herself to be self-centred and obnoxious. What was it they said? Never meet your heroes. Saffron Oliver had demonstrated the cliché was totally correct.

Clare Lydon and TB Markinson have teamed up to create a fantastic and messy age gap romance full of sizzling attraction. This story follows two women over the course of the summer as passions flare and boundaries are tested. Both women must face unresolved trauma and have to work past insecurities and trust issues to stand a chance at a happy ending.

Kirsty and Saffron have an irresistible pull toward one another despite a rocky first meeting. The attraction between them is so palpable, whether they are fighting or flirting their chemistry jumps off the page. They are their own worst enemies and are constantly trying to fight the desire they feel toward one another. Their romance is a fun and tantalizing game of will they or wont they. The cheeky and flirty banter was perfect and humorous.

Following this romance disaster is thoroughly entertaining. Both women let fear and past hurt dictate their actions leading to many miscommunications and unnecessary conflicts, but they are both so adorable and endearing every step of they way. I love the connection they shared and every up and down of their journey.

Great characters, sweet disaster lesbians, mended relationships, and a heart melting romance round out this fantastic and steamy love story. A must read, especially for fans of Lydon and Markinson’s amazing stories.

9/10 – 3ss

Review: Lucky in Love By: Cara Malone

Was all of this – the contest, the rescue, the gorgeous woman in front of her – moving so fast it made her dizzy? Hell yes, but she was loving every disorienting minute of it.

A heart warming and all around feel good romance that is fluffy and sweet, sure to make you swoon and fall in love (and probably make you want to adopt a furry friend)

The premise is delightful, a woman dedicated to preserving her parents legacy of rescuing rabbits but with her own veterinary clinic taking up her time she decides to create a contest to find someone who will give the rescue the time and love it deserves. She finds exactly what she is looking for and so much more.

Both women are so lovable right from the start. Both sweet, endearing, compassionate, and sensual. Their connection is electric and intrinsic. Their friendship and subsequent relationship are undeniably stirring and I loved following them through the longest first date ever. I couldn’t get enough of them together.

The animals and the rescue were precious and made me want bunnies of my own. Lucky especially is sure to capture your heart.

Jules and Parker’s Love story is captivating and completely satisfying. I am really happy Malone has started this new Fur-ever Romance series. This series is already off to a bewitching start and I am excited to see Sydney again in Foxy Lady.

10/10 – 3.5ss

Review: The Beginning of Everything By: Cara Malone

She was staring deep into Betty’s eyes, and Betty’s pulse was racing again. Her whole body felt hot with fear and anticipation, and then Joan’s lips were pressed against her own.

A stunning and heart warming tale of love spread over more than 50 years. This book is flawless. From start to finish I was completely captivated. Malone seamlessly transitions between decades and emotions as these two women find love.

I was introduced to Betty’s character in Mouth to Mouth (Lakeside hospital series book 5) and I was equal parts nervous and excited to see her story since she was such a sweet and quirky character and she gave a brief picture of her story. I can safely say that The Beginning of Everything exceeded my every expectation. Perfectly paced across Betty and Joan’s lives, a masterful balance emotional turmoil, and a perfect love story. I fell head over heels for Joan and Betty.

Joan and Betty have amazing chemistry from their very first chance meeting. They are both smitten from the start and it is so adorable watching their friendship grow as the get to know each other. They connected with that once in a lifetime spark. Their relationship is equal parts sweet and sexy. I could not get enough of their tender and moving love story.

I don’t want to give anything away because this story is so fantastically written and beautiful, which makes it impossible to truly capture just how unbelievable this book is. Malone will put you through the emotional ringer with this one.

The characters all have a genuine feel and were incredibly varied and made the story really shine. Betty’s struggle with her sexuality was heartbreaking and felt like something anyone who struggled with coming out could relate to regardless of generation. Joan is such a strong and passionate woman and her decisiveness really drove the story.

The epilogue was perfect. I cried so much (happy tears) and I get choked up every time I think about it. It was beautiful, hopeful, and brought the whole story full circle. I have never felt so fulfilled and inspired. I cannot properly articulate exactly of moving the whole story was, but especially the end.

This story is sweet, chalk full of humor, incredibly sexy at times, and overflowing with love. I am a big Cara Malone fan and this is my new favorite of her stories. I can’t recommend this book enough.

10/10 – 3.5ss

Review: Secrets of Milan By: Edale Lane

She cherished the sensation that radiated from her heart, pulsing through her core, vibrating her fingertips and toes. That unmistakable energy, that dynamic conscious awareness, a moment shared with the woman she loved thrilled her beyond imagining.

The compelling sequel to Merchants of Milan is exactly what I was hoping for after the exciting start of The Night Flyer trilogy. Secrets of Milan is a profound and intriguing story. Everything is unsettled and there is no clear path for the characters to take.

Book two is full of suspense. The general feel is one of mystery and intrigue. Secrets and cloak and dagger tactics run rampant and it is up to Florentina to solve the mystery of the secret society plaguing Europe before its too late.

The pacing is a bit slower than in book one but that perfectly matches the tone and atmosphere of book two, less overall action but equal if not greater intensity. The Night Flyer even has to face off against a new and skilled adversary.

Lane continues to weave historical tidbits and facts smoothly and entertainingly into the story. Lane has a gift sparking historical curiosity into her stories.

Florentina and Madelena’s relationship starts in a tenuous place after the events of book one and I loved the continuous growth and development of their love throughout the story. They’re both genuine and selfless and I love their whole relationship so much.

The stakes are higher, the paths ahead less clear, and there may be more at stake than any of them realize. Secrets of Milan exceeded my expectations and continued to develop the characters and story elegantly. I love the Night Flyer Trilogy so much and can’t wait for the thrilling conclusion.

10/10 – 2ss

Review: Goode Girls Steal by: J. J. Arias

On the way back home, Gabby sat alone, wondering if it was her imagination or if her shirt smelled like Brooke. Such quick contact couldn’t have left such a lasting impression, but every time she caught a whiff of her perfume she was sure it was tattooed on her clothes. Maybe Deeper.

A delicious college softball team enemies to lovers story. Arias never fails to create supremely exciting stories with compelling characters and passionate romances. Goode Girls Steal is no exception, quite the opposite in fact. This is my favorite of the Goode Series so far.

The tension and build up between Gabby and Brooke is electric. As rivals on opposing softball teams their history is fraught with strife. When they become teammates their senior year and Gabby is forced to see the infuriating Brooke where ever she goes things reach a boiling point.

Gabby and Brooke have amazing chemistry no matter their relationship. Throughout the whole story they just click so well, even when Gabby is at Brookes throat. I loved Both Gabby and Brooke’s personalities so much and they meshed together flawlessly. Gabby’s ire and Brooke’s insistence to constantly insert herself into Gabby’s life creates a tantalizing, torturous, and often hilarious series of encounters.

The way Arias can weave so many emotions into her stories is awe inspiring. This story is an emotional roller coaster and the torrent made for a thrilling and gratifying ride.

I cannot emphasize enough how great of a book this is. Full of rivalries, anger, betrayal, forgiveness, games, love, and heart. Arias delivers another astounding must read.

10/10 – 3ss

Review: Different Worlds By: Lily Seabrooke

It was really embarrassing the way I kept finding myself stroking her hair back. That was something I did with women I was attracted to, and I was not going to be attracted to Natasha. There were so many things wrong with that, I didn’t even know where to start. Even if she was stunningly gorgeous, and the way I saw my most vulnerable self in her made me want to hold her close and protect her from everyone who wanted to hurt her.

Lily Seabrooke has done it again, another heart warming emotion driven story about overcoming any obstacle for the sake of love.

Different Worlds focuses on two women who live very different lives yet experience so many of the same feelings of loss and insecurity and must work together to find where they belong and what they want in life.

This lovely story jerks at your heart strings right from the start. Despite the often heavy emotional baggage and conflict of the story Seabrooke masterfully weaves brevity and humor in to keep things upbeat throughout. I laughed, I cried, and I absolutely swooned.

This story features an assorted cast of characters that are incredibly loveable and truly drive the story. Annelise is strong, independent, bullheaded, driven, competent, and really sweet. I absolutely love her. Natasha is kind, loving, and selfless, but lost and grieving as well. Irma is one of the many characters who stood out to me, She is loyal and compassionate. I loved how she owned her mistakes when Annelise called her out.

The romance was both sweetly amorous and saucily salacious. The balance was perfect and exactly what I’ve come to expect from Seabrooke’s writing. There is a good build up of desire as the two women go from enemies to friends. The relationship that forms between them becomes passionate and essential to their happiness. Both women are devastatingly insecure and believe they are undeserving of love.

There are so many twists and turns through this story, there are fights and villains, there are misguided friends and mistakes, there are competitors vying for attention and affection, and there is love and compassion.

This is an amazingly sweet and emotional love story that will break your heart and stitch it back together stronger than ever. Perfectly stunning.

10/10 – 3ss

Review: The Last Place You Look by: Aurora Rey

How could this woman stir her most primal desires and her desire to protect at exactly the same time? Even as she asked the question, she knew the answer. She didn’t like it, but she knew it. She was halfway in love with Julia Pierce. Halfway being a conservative estimate.

A heart warming story about finding love when and where you least expect it. Aurora Rey does a stunning job of developing the characters and relationships that felt realistic and captivating.

This romance is perfectly crafted. Taylor is a kind and compassionate woman who is incredibly noble. Julia is a woman who is lost and trying to find herself after being spurned by her ex-wife, she lacks confidence and feels like a failure. Taylor has been harboring a secret crush on Julia since they went to school together and when Julia is forced to move back to their home town they reconnect and sparks fly instantly. They have this easy and intimate chemistry as if they have been friends for years. When Julia decides she needs to date casually Taylor decides to help her at the expense of her own feelings. Their open and honest communication is fantastic, Julia is honest about her desire to free and Taylor showed real self respect admitting interest in Julia but not in being one of the many. I love the connection and friendship they develop throughout the story. They perfectly balance and support each other and even though there is so much bad timing for them I loved the delicious torture of the build up.

The playful and witty banter between them is marvelous, in fact all of the dialogue is exceptional. The dialogue flowed smoothly and always felt natural.

The sex scenes were very hot and filled with passion. They connection Julia and Taylor share translated well to all of the aspects of their relationship. The tension and build up also added to the lascivious side of things.

My only critique is that there were several instances of a shift of POV between Julia and Taylor mid chapter without warning, it was a bit jarring but not a serious problem. It did not prevent any of my enjoyment of the story just confused me a couple times.

I love this story and these characters so much. Rey weaved everything together so superbly. I swooned for this amazing romance that was full of passion, honest communication, self discovery, and love. A sweet and sexy must read.


3.5 ss

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